In Pursuit of Excellence

Law firm whose primary mission is customer satisfaction and commitment to professional quality through a series of Immigration Law services, in order the different legal needs. G40LAWYERS Law Firm provides our customers all the information they may need and also, advise them about all procedures to be carried out, advising over the most interesting and beneficial VISA and RESIDENCY PERMIT, for the client.

We are prepared to offer you, all the international legal assistance that may be needed in relations with Government offices and other Spanish and European Union Companies. It´s very important for international customer know that, we will be all the time near, to provide him the best and most successful professional help and advice.

The achievement of our Firm, is the proximity of our lawyers, not only in Spain but also and especially in the country of residence of the customer. This has been our way of working in recent years and that has given us a success for our clients.

Our Firm is focused on providing our clients all necessary legal advice and support in order to obtaining the RESIDENCY PERMIT IN SPAIN. Our advice in IMMIGRATION LAW is intended two ways, for obtaining REGULAR VISA and Residency Permit, as obtaining the named INVESTORS VISA (GOLDEN VISA). In both cases, at all times we´ll be really informing and guiding the client as required for the generation, translation and legalization of documents needed in the Visa Application.

Likewise, G40 LAWYERS provides all the information and advice in order getting VISA STUDENT IN SPAIN, guiding you in all steps in order getting this type of Visa