Our Law Firm provides you all the advice and legal help in order check the best way for interested in visit or reside in Spain, about the requirements, theprocess and legal timing that apply depending on the reason for your visit or travel to Spain, according to the currentSpanish regulation.

As you know there are several ways for getting your VISA, and depending your reasons, you must apply for Visa Type C, if the visit is for business or tourism, or Type D, if your visa application , is for Spanish residency, with or without work permit, and also for studies .

We will expose below, some of the different types of visa and Residency permits you can request, depending on your wishes and your possibilities.

If you are an individual citizen, and you wish visit Spain for a short term, you must apply for a SCHENGEN VISA, whether the reason for your trip is simple tourism or if the reason is for business, I mean, we can consider a business trip if the purpose of the trip is to visit customers, attend trade events, hold negotiations or sign contracts. The maximum stay period is 90 days in a period of 180 days.


Application Form for Schengen Visa
Passport, more than four month’s validity.
Evidence of the accommodation.
Return ticket
Evidence, where applicable, of sufficient financial resources for upkeep during the stay in Spain.
Medical Insurance.
The traveller must not be prohibited from entering the Schengen area.
Embassy fees.

Moreover, in case of business trip, we´ll need:
An invitation issued by a company or authority to take part in business or industrial meetings, or meetings associated with the activity. Documents providing evidence of trade relations or relations associated with the service.
Conference and trade show registration.

This kind of Visa is focused to the individuals interested in do business in Spain, on their own behalf or as manager of a Spanish company.
The applicant has to prove that the commercial or professional activity is available and also the estimated investment for the project is enough, explaining the employment creation.


Obtaining a temporary residence and work permit self-employ permit after submitting the application the average estimated processing time is about three months and obtaining the residence card for foreigners, from 20 to 30 days, depending on where in Spain it is processed.

Total time from submission is 4 months approx.

If you get an employ offer from a Spanish company, if a company in Spain is going to hire you, you must process a temporary residence and work permit to work as an employee.


Firstly the Spanish Company has to apply in Spain theTEMPORARY RESIDENCE AND WORK PERMIT AS AN EMPLOYER at the Immigration office, with the following documents, translated to spanish:

Three copies of the application form signed and submitted in person by the employer or the legal representative of the Spanish company.
Public document granting powers of attorney to the individual making the application, filed with the commercial registry or the corresponding registry.

Document certifying the professional relationship of the legal representative with the applicant company in case a general or special power of attorney has been granted.

Identity document of the company's legal representative signing the application.

Tax identification number (NIF).

Employment contract signed by authorised individuals. The job offered must correspond to the national catalogue of occupations. Public document certifying the capacity for hiring the individual signing the contract.

Certificate issued by the national employment service showing the result of the job offer presented, together with a copy stamped by the employment office if the job offered is not included in the national catalogue of occupations that are not easily covered. For more information, please click on the following link: “National employment situation”.

Documentation certifying one of the cases established in article 40 of Act 4/2000 of January 11, in which case the national employment situation will not be considered.

Certificate stating that the company is up-to-date with its social security obligations..

Certificate issued by the tax authorities stating that the company is up-to-date with its tax obligations..

Profile of the post and work to be carried out.

Memorandum describing the company's activity, the estimated investment and job creation in Spain.

Evidence provided by the company that it has the financial, material and human resources required for its business project and for assuming the undertakings established in the employment contract.

Copy of all pages of the worker's passport.

Certification of the qualifications required for the job.

Worker's CV.


Once the Immigration office has answered, with the granting letter, the worker has to submit at the Spanish consulate in the applicant’s country of residence the following documents.

Visa application form..
Passport with a minimum validity of six months
Two photos size card.
Official notification of approval by immigration Office in Spain.
Updated Criminal records in the countries of residence
Updated medical certificate.


From the first submission by company in Spain, till the worker has the card the period can delay about five months.

Applicants want to study in Spain must been officially accepted in an authorised educational establishment in Spain for a full-time programme leading to a study diploma or certificate.

If they have not paid the accommodation for the entire stay in advance, they must have sufficient financial resources to cover the expenses of the stay and their return to their country and, where applicable, those of their relatives.


The applicant has to submit at the Spanish consulate in the applicant’s country of residence. The following documents translated to Spanish,


Visa from the Spanish consulate: the average estimated term for approval is 30 days.

If you wish to live in Spain temporarily without working and no business, you must apply for a residence-without-work permit.


You must have sufficient means for your stay and upkeep, including, where applicable, those of your family, during the period of time you wish to reside in Spain, without work.Its necessary submit at the Spanish consulate in the applicant’s country of residence.

The file has to be completed with the following documents, translated to Spanish,

Documentation providing evidence of financial resources for the period for which the Residency is being applied for:

Any means of evidence, such as deeds of ownership, certified cheques or credit cards together with a bank certificate certifying the credit available for the card.

If the resources come from shares in Spanish companies, mixed companies or foreign companies based in Spain, evidence must be provided by means of a certificate issued by the company, stating that the applicant does not carry out any employment activity, together with affidavit declaring this.



Visa from the Spanish consulate: the average estimated time for approval is two months (depending on the country).

Residence card for foreigners: from 20 to 50 days depending on the area in Spain where it is processed.